4. leaaami said: HI Silvia, it's lea from Berlin, I just wanted to tell you that i really like your photos!:) I'll live near Edinburgh for 10 month (summer'14-summer'15) and I already get excited to explore the city, especially after finding your blog:) nice work!:)

    Hi Lea! Sorry for the late reply. I’m assuming you’re already in Scotland, I hope you’re having a lovely time here :)


  5. finnicksbitch15 said: hey love your blog, do you know anywhere for students that arent harsh with ID

    Hi I’m sorry but I’m not a student so I can’t give you an answer for that :)


  6. franzis-frantic-thoughts said: Hi! This might be totally not your thing, if so, I'm sorry. But I'm going to come to Edinburgh for an Erasmus Stay next January and am looking for a flatshare. Now I'm not asking to move in with you, but I looked up Edinburgh on tumblr and your blog was recommended (lovely photos, truly). I was wondering though if you could give me some tips on how to find a flatshare. If you're too busy or just don't know yourself, then nevermind :) From Heidelberg with love ;) Franzi

    Hey! Sorry for the late reply. I hope you found a flat! If not, Gumtree is a good place to find a room in a shared flat. Good luck and I hope you’re enjoying the city!

  7. New Town

  8. Water of Leith

  9. The Balmoral after the rain

  11. Discovering new places is always exciting

  12. Today I walked past one of the first flats I lived in after arriving in Edinburgh. The sun I had drawn in the window in a warm sunny afternoon, was still there.

  13. Edinburgh and its back lanes